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Slow Down


Ken Will Morton began his solo career in 2004 with the release of In Rock'n'Roll's Hands. Since then, Morton has released 6 others, and his latest 9-track album, Slow Down, proves his versatility as a musician and lyricist. Moving between Rock, Americana, Blues, Country, and Folk, Slow Burn features Morton's raspy vocals along side a full band. American Songwriter compared Morton to the likes of Springstein, Earle, Townes, and Mellencamp. In the first half of Slow Down, Morton focuses on his frustrations with the current state of the United States of America and remains within the Americana and Folk genres. Acknowledging life's difficulty and our need to accept reality, "No Place for a Sensitive Man" treats America as a harsh and unrelenting place. In "Scattershot," the electric guitar riffs a dirty, twangy solo. 'Tell It To The Wind" features Morton's fiery lyrics, pointing to the consumerism that results in America outsourcing labor to international markets. Morton's love for the United States and its Country music is made clear in "Red, White & Blue." The harshest and most unexpected in terms of musicality, "Crescent Moon" is a love song to the night. The album ends with the title track, "Slow Burn," heavy with religious imagery.
Richard Martin 

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