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Glen Phillips

Winter Pays for Summer


Meet Glen Phillips. Glen doesn’t seem to have the kind of name recognition that’s reserved for most multi-Platinum artists. However, his former band Toad the Wet Sprocket, seems to ring a few more bells.

Glen founded the band at age 14 and went on to record 6 studio albums with them - selling more than 4 million records and charting Top 10 hits with “Walk on the Ocean”, “All I Want” and “Fall Down” along the way.

Following Toad’s break up in 1998, Phillips struck out on a solo career. His solo debut - Abulum - arrived in 2000. Later, he joined together with the bluegrass band Nickel Creek to release an album as the Mutual Admiration Society.

Now at age 32, with nearly two full decades of recording experience behind him, Phillips lands on Lost Highway Records with the new disc Winter Pays for Summer.

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