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Rockin Here Tonight-Songs For Slim


This is a benefit CD for Slim Dunlap who is best known as the lead guitarist for the Replacements from 1987-1991. In 2012 Slim suffered a major stroke that has left him bed ridden, paralyzed & in need of 24 hour care. Unfortunately Slims insurance cant cover the massive medical needs & bills. This CD represents 28 different Slim Dunlap tracks most covered from his two solo releases "The Old New Me" from 1993 & 1996's "Times Like This". Slim called his sound as a combination of Hank Williams & Mick Jagger and the artists on this disc which includes the reunited Replacements, Steve Earl, Lucinda Williams, Joe Henry, John Doe, Jakob Dylan, Jeff Tweedy and others really captures this sound. Musically this is one of the finest compilation discs released and the auction of the 45's on this disc have already earned over $106,000 for a great musician & a great cause. Reviewed By; Gregg Saur

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