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Lake Timber



Grand Rapids' own Lake Timber is the product of previous bands Minnesota and Damned Dusty Roosters joining forces to produce warm, vocally layered folk rock with a punk sensibility (one of the lead singers is reminiscent of Patrick Stickles, the frontman of New Jersey punk powerhouse Titus Andronicus). Acoustic guitars and banjos act as a sonic foundation, with noisy drums, plenty of harmonizing, and piano and synth lines weaved in for good measure. The songs are rough around the edges, played with a sense of pure joy. The band is self-described as "6 young men, some with too much facial hair, and a love for bad jokes and making music for love and happiness not money and fame" which is a sentiment that is clearly bolstered by their tunes that ramble along with an unmistakable groove. While it is clear that Lake Timber is a young band, tracks like "Cigar" and "Faded" make the Platypus EP a fun listen best suited for blasting around the campfire with a group of friends and a jar of moonshine on hand - although headphones work too.

Recommended Tracks: #2 "Cigar", #4 "Miss You"

Sigmund Steiger

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