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The Goldberg Sisters

Stranger's Morning


FCC TRACKS: #6 "Wandering I", #11 "What?"

Adam Goldberg directed 2 Days in Paris, played private Mellish in Saving Private Ryan, and has now written and recorded an album called Stranger's Morning via the same route as Jason Schwartzman with his band Coconut Records. Talk about a Renaissance Man. He also took the album cover photo of his longtime girlfriend Roxanne, who is apparently the inspiration of Goldberg writing Stranger's Morning which he refers to as a "21st Century love letter." Already we are expecting a record as romantic as the dude behind it.

The Goldberg Sisters is, as a project, an album primarily recorded in a "cobwebby garage" comprised of 14 songs about love. It features heavily stacked melodies, glossy guitars chugging along, the occasional horn section, and Adam's ever-present vocals that are undoubtably reminiscent of the famous tenor of a certain Mr. John Lennon. In fact, the first thing one hears is a modern spin on late-era Beatles experimentation. Bubbly and creaky electronic embellishes spun throughout the record within more traditional instrumentation make Stranger's Morning a thoroughly enjoyable, if not ultimately forgettable listen.

Recommended Tracks: #4 "It Can Get You Down", #7 "While You Were Out", #12 As You Fall

Sigmund Steiger

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