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Greg Trooper has been hailed by the likes of Steve Earle & Billy Bragg as one of the worlds greatest songwriters. On His 12th album "Incident On Willow Street" Greg breathes life into several characters and tracks that inspire and provide a positive outlook into a crazy world. Whether it's "Mary The Scots In Queens" "The Girl In Blue" or the search for  "One Honest Man", Greg's stories resonate with passions for everyday life and experiences.  The strength of this CD remains the stories delivered by Greg's distinctive vocals, but Greg is also joined by the great company of multi instrumentalist Larry Campbell who has spent lot's of time with the likes of Bob Dylan & the late great Levon Helm. Greg has been telling his music through stories since 1986 and hopefully someday he will receive the recognition he much deserves.


Reviewed By: Gregg Saur

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