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The Wild Ponies comprised of husband & wife Doug and Telisha Williams with a great supporting cast have released a raw record filled with songs of loss, tragedy, abuse that will totally captivate your ears mind and heart.  Telisha's vocals have a certain Kasey Chambers feel to them and as she unleashes the demons contained within you can feel the conviction of every word spoken. Doug Williams also takes the lead on tracks like "Massy's Run" a song about coming in second to Richard Petty in a 1960 race and "Revival Wasteland"  a song where Doug deals with believing in God even though he shines down on him. This is Americana at it's very best and it is are great fortune that this couple from Virginia's car broke down in Nashville where they ran into Ray Kennedy the Grammy award winning producer for Lucinda Williams and Steve Earl. "Things That Used To Shine" is one of 2013's most important and finest releases.


Reviewed By: Gregg Saur

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