Uncanney Valley


The band Dismemberment Plan formed in Washington, D.C. in 2003 and put out four albums before disbanding. After reuniting in 2010, the band felt they had unfinished business so they put out their first self-produced release,

Uncanney Valley

.  The album sports lyrical stories with vocals that are right up front in the mix and are backed by guitar, drums, and occasional synths.  The album opener is your basic indie-rock that then moves on to the second track, the They Might Be Giants-sounding track "Waiting".  Third track, "Invisible", contains samples from a jazz performance by Togi and has a jazzy hip hop vibe to it, making it the best track on the album, by far.  After delving into sentimental tracks "Lookin'" and "Daddy Was A Real Good Dancer", the album returns to rock on the last three songs.  Overall,

Uncanney Valley

failed to catch my interest and I found the vocal mix to be a bit of a turn-off.    Rebecca Ruth  

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