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Adapt or Die - Ten Years of Remixes


The iconic Tracey Thorn and Ben Watt return from their dreamy, melancholy 90s slumber to select remixes from a 10-year catalog to showcase. It’s an all-star effort, from “Mirrorball,” the golden opener from DJ Jazzy Jeff, to Watt’s own remake of Antonio Carlos Jobim’s and EBTG’s “Corcovado,” and a ’96 Fat Boy Slim-produced drum n’bass remix of “Walking Wounded.” There’s a lot to enjoy here, especially on the front-end of the disc. Some of the 90s remixes sound a bit stuck in a time warp, but that’s the drawback in putting together a remix retrospective. Fans of EBTG will love the compilation, nonetheless, and the wise turntablists know well enough to leave most of the beloved original songs intact. Adapt or Die seems an apt title and construct given that’s where Watt’s head seems to be these days – in deep house – first with Lazy Dog and now with Buzzin’ Fly. This disc will gain traction with all those who remember the 90s and have a love for straight ahead house music and who can’t believe it’s on WYCE.


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