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  At the risk of beating a dead horse, one can't write a review of Lou Doillon's debut, Places, without mentioning her lineage...Her father is French director, Jacques Doillon.  Her mother is British actor/singer, Jane Birkin.  Her step-father is Serge Gainsbourg, which, of course means that Charlotte Gainsbourg is her half-sister.  Okay, so she has a famous family.  Lou, herself is notable in her own right.  She's acted in many French films and her modeling job as the face of Givenchy has made her well-known in the fashion world.  Wow... a whole paragraph and I haven't even approached the music yet. 

  The music, in general, is slow and subdued. Often, piano is the main instrument, accompanied by subtle drums, hand-claps, organ, and minor key changes  Lou's voice is a pretty alto as she sings of longing and regret.  I found Places to be a nice little disc of quiet pop.      Rebecca Ruth  

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