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Lonesome Town


  Long story short, indie-rock collective records Lee Hazlewood's 1963 debut Trouble is a Lonesome Town in its entirety.  Short story long, the collective, Thriftstore Masterpiece, is made up of eight well-known musicians, including Pete Yorn, Frank Black, Courtney Taylor-Taylor, and Isaac Brock.  Lonesome Town is reportedly just the first in a series of intended recordings for the collective.  The music here is folk-rock-country, often with Southwestern touches such as mariachi horns and castanets. The package itself consists of two discs.  Disc one includes Lee Hazlewood's original narration, telling the story of the town of Lonesome and combining it with the music of Thriftstore Masterpiece.  Disc two is simply the music without the narration.  I think the band has done justice to the original while having loads of fun, making Lonesome Town an enjoyable listen.   Rebecca Ruth 

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