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Not Without Work and Rest


 They met in Rhode Island.  They now call upstate New York home. They consider both The Black Keys and early Americana music to be their influences. 

Not Without Work and Rest

is the second release from Last Good Tooth, a band with an unfortunate name, but a way with neo-Americana music. There are no instrumentals here with all the songs featuring strong vocals, intriguing percussion, and varied instruments.  Album opener, "Look What I Made" has subtle plucked strings and strummed guitar before the whole band kicks in for a quiet, loud, quiet, loud dynamic. You can't go wrong with handclaps on "What's What I Do".  "Eeeee" has vocal effects, violins, and a catchy "deee, deee, deee" chorus.  The lyrics on my favorite, "Could You Read", have a sinister tone and are backed by banjo and electric guitar.  "Some Kind of Pair" is slow and dark with hand percussion, plucked strings, piano, and vocal reverb adding to the noir sound.  The subtle horns and harmonium on "Tie Something Fragile" make a nice segue into the quieter half of the disc.  "Beat Our Days" is a spiritual with backing vocals, violin, and strummed guitar over subdued percussion.  You can't have an album without a love song and "For Sleep" is the token song here.  The album ends on a bright note with the simple and upbeat "Lack One Lacks Both".      Rebecca Ruth  

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