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Kenny Dennis LP


 I love the concept of this release. Serengeti is Chicago rapper, David Cohn. His character, Kenny Dennis, is a rapper for fictional band Grimm Teachaz.  The Kenny Dennis LP is a concept album that tells the story of Kenny Davis' relationship with long-time fan and friend, Ders. The story starts when the two meet.  Ders is just seven years old when Kenny does a good deed for him. The tale culminates in a fifty year birthday party hosted by Ders for Kenny in L.A. which ends up disappointing for Ders, but funny in a sad and human way for us as listeners. For the final track, Kenny is now fifty years old. He is older and wiser and he offers words of wisdom for us all. The story throughout is told by Ders (voiced by Anders Holm from Workaholics).  Backing Ders' narrative is Kenny himself acting out the scenes, making them almost skit-like.  This is a really well put together album with a hip hop soundtrack bringing it all together. The Kenny Dennis LP is engaging, edgy, and funny without becoming total parody.           Rebecca Ruth   

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