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It's been three years since the last Deadstring brothers release and in that time front man Kurt Marschke, has packed his bags and moved from Detroit to Nashville. It is easy to tell after the first listen that some of the Detroit soul has been replaced by the sounds of Americana that will resonate from coast to coast. The CD begins with a 1970's folk/country track "Like A California Wildfire". It's Morning Irene" has a given gospel feel & that may be required after Leadbelly said Good Night. "Long Lonely Road" proves that you can never take all the rock out of a Detroit Musician. "Lucille's Honky Tonk" has an old time country swing too it and had to be a great place to enjoy a drink. "The Mansion" sounds like it could have been a collaborative track marrying the sounds of fellow Detroiter Rodriguez with the country Nashville sounds. "Talkin To A Man In Montana" showcases some great guitar from Kurt Marschke and proves it doesn't matter where great Americana music comes from it should be spread like a California Wildfire. Reviewed By: Gregg Saur

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