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Interestingly, as I was listening to Ingredients, the compilation from Melbourne band, The Basics, I was repeatedly impressed with the drumming. After some research, it was discovered that this trio consists of Kris Schroeder on bass, Tim Heath on guitar, and drummer Wally de Backer. That would be the Wally de Backer who left the band in 2010 to pursue his solo career as Gotye. So much for his career as a drummer! Ingredients covers the last four albums/ten years of the band's career. It includes songs that have been in television episodes (Californication, Scrubs) and the band's biggest radio hit, "With This Ship". While The Basics sometimes makes catchy pop ("Just Hold On", "Sound Off"), there are way too many cheesy ballads ("Fear of Failure", "Keep the Door Open", "Better") and mediocre pop songs (the rest of the album) for me to want to take a second listen. Rebecca Ruth

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