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Austin based band Alpha Rev is maturing - and they know it. Hence their third album's title, Bloom. The band balances the mix of the past and present, delving into American history, the heartland, and uncovering its emotional depth. The album opener "Lexington" details the love and pain shared between loved ones, based on actual letters exchanged between soldiers and families during the Civil War. This kind of grappling with the past is met with other songs like 'Black Sky,' 'Lonely Man,' and 'When You Gonna Run,' all dealing with tragic loss. Nevertheless, the the band plays on, and refuse to let the story end in tragedy. Instrument-wise, the band is also good. Radiohead chillness to hymnal harmonies at some points, Alpha Rev certainly stretches the meaning of alternative. Perhaps band member Casey McPherson says is best, stating "To bloom implies something beautiful is going to happen, but it's a process--just like our own journeys." - jacqueline Ristola

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