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A Different Story To Tell


Michigander bluegrass/Americana collective Art Gomperez Band has existed for decades as a musical revolving door of sorts for musicians. But on their album A Different Story to Tell, the group has a stronger focus: bringing to life the music of their late friend and songwriter Bev Hahn. And to that extent they succeed. The band's technical proficiency is definitely on display, especially on tracks like "Spanish Grass" or "Court in Session" that illustrate the band's ability to jam. Jenna Mammina gracefully sings to the propelling bluegrass rhythm or more laid-back Americana, with simple, but well-crafted lyrics about common reflections in life. The album itself can be described as well-crafted, but not overly complicated; a kind of aesthetic sense that's seems to be a trait of bluegrass. For the uninitiated, this album may prove to be a good starting point, ultimately holding a small sweetness in its simplicity. - Jacqueline Ristola

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