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Melton Mustafa

The Traveling Man

Prolific jazz trumpeter Melon Mustafa's latest album title, The Traveling Man, likely couldn't be closer to the truth. An artist who's worked with plenty of famous jazz collectives like the Duke Ellington Orchestra, and has played in many international jazz festivals, the word traveling seems just an approximation. Mustafa and his collaborators showcase themselves in top form here, from straight up shredding in the opener "The Traveling Man" to the energetic groove of "Olympia" to the debonair nature of "Reaffirm." Mustafa gets plenty of room to shine here, though he isn't alone. Solo from the other artist crop up as well, such as Mulgrew Miller's classy, fluid piano solo on "Transition." It's this kind of exchange of focus between instruments and variation between song styles that keeps the album fresh and invigorating throughout. Highly recommended. - Jacqueline Ristola

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