Make way for the new country outlaw man Shooter Jennings. This CD which is a soundtrack of Shooter's journey across America visually & through the 11 tracks on this disc paints his stories of isolation, temptation & rebirth. The CD begins with "The Flying Saucer Song" which could have been taken right out of Pink Floyds Dark Side Of The Moon. The CD quickly turns to an Alt-Country sound with "A Hard Lesson To Learn:" "The White Trash Song" begins with birds chirping and goes into a country rant with vocals shared with Shooters friend Scott Biram. "Wild and Lonesome" is a beautiful duet featuring vocals from folk favorite Patty Griffin. Shooter takes aim at commercial country artists with "Outlaw You" and he shows no mercy as he holds true to country's original outlaw men. The title track reminds me of early Tom Waits sitting at a piano telling his stories of being on the road & being cursed by the other life. "The Outsider" has a softer sound and I can only imagine is Shooter's personal story."15 Million Light Years" features another country outsider and 1970's rocker Jim Dandy of Black Oak Arkansas. This is actually a long lost track from that band. "The Gunslinger" is a great country outlaw track, but due to language concerns will never make commercial radio, but then again Shooter rebels against being a commercial country artist. Reviewed By: Gregg Saur

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