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One Hundred


Having grown up on both sides of the world (Rotterdam, Suriname, and Houston), DJ Sun's sound has been influenced by the many different types of music he was exposed to while growing up. Focusing on samples from crackly 70's soul vinyl and intermittent multi-cultural sounds as well as jazz, his music has a loungey groove to it. To these samples, DJ Sun adds his own synths as well as analog instruments and occasional vocals from guest artists. His label, Soular Grooves, is also the name of his radio show, which you can still listen to on He also DJ's regularly on both coasts, and occasionally works with like-minded artists from such bands as La Mafia, Thievery Corporation, Ocote Soul Sounds, and Antibalas. If you want a mildly trippy mid-tempo groove, check out One Hundred, DJ Sun's latest. Rebecca Ruth

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