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The Hangdog Hearts


The Hangdog Hearts is Austin Stirling's band. Cristian Riquelme is on drums, Adam Reiss plays the trumpet and cello, and Greg Manfredi on upright bass with Austin as songwriter, vocalist, banjo and guitar player. Prior to this current project, Austin played in a Christian heavy metal band for three years. Track 6 "Comin in Slow," 8 "Thistle n Thorns" and #11 "Lifeless Empty Eyes" are catchy, upbeat tunes. Track 9 "Terre Haute" lyrically bashes the Indiana town. Track 10 " Dark Strutter" has an old timey feel with nice horn work. Track 12 "Wanderlust" is different--driving--and somewhat relentless. I enjoyed track 12 "Baby Gone Southbound" with its great lyrics but the song does take a quiet break midway through... Recommended: 11, 6, 8 - Pam VandeKerkhoff

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