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Dust off your lava lamp and light up the garage as Neil Young and Crazy Horse take you on a Psychedelic trip that combines the sounds of 1960's Haigt Ashbury with the 1990's garage grunge era. The CD begins with the 27 minute track "Drifting Back" which is full of great guitar and dreams of Neil drifting back into the 1960's and the hippie movement of the times. The title track has a hallucinogenic sound and is a vision of a dancing girl in a shining dress that is looking for a good time. On "Born in Ontario" Neil proudly plays homage to his birthplace where he left home at a tender age. "Twisted Road" is the most folk driven track on this disc and plays tribute to Dylan, Hank Williams & the Dead. She's always dancing is another extended track and another psychedelic guitar track about a dancing girl that likes to burn, I expect may be related to the pill. "For the Love Of Man" has a softer 1970's harvest sound to it and captures some of the magic found in his classic "Old Man". On the lengthy "Walk Lie A Giant" Neil sings about trying to make the world a better place and standing tall. Neil may not admit but through almost 50 years of great music he has succeeded and does walk with the giants. Reviewed By: Gregg Saur

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