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Chris and Oliver Wood continue their live musical journey through the world of folk, blues, Americana and gospel on this encore live release, following the first live release from earlier this year. The disc begins with the gospel sounds of Sister Rosetta Tharp's classic "Up Above My Head." If this track didn't lift your head and soul to the heavens the self penned Chris Wood track "Spirit" surly will. "Shoofly Pie" originally released on The Smoke Ring Halo release has more energy than the studio version and even though I am still not sure what Shoofly Pie is it left me hungry for more. "Ain't No More Cane" is a traditional folk track that has been covered by many and The Wood Brothers harmonies are simply magic. The CD ends with the bluesy sounds of Alan Toussaint's "Get Out Of My Life Woman" and a Wood Brothers rocking favorite "Atlas". If you enjoyed the first live release this will be a must. Reviewed By: Gregg Saur

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