David Francey

The Waking Hour


Scottish-Canadian David Francey has been rocketing to folk-singer stardom (if there is such a thing) since laying down his carpenter tools in the late 90’s and launching into full time song writing, recording, folk-festival-performing, and troubadour-traveling.

His second album, Far End of Summer, won a Juno Award in the Roots and Traditional category in 2002. His 2005 release, The Waking Hour, has received a nomination for the same award.

It’s easy to get comfortable in Francey’s songs; they sound familiar the first time you hear them. He writes simple poems that cover the classic topics of love and heart break, highway traveling, shipyards and coal towns, bus-station characters, war ("And the sabers were drawn from their scabbards/They were rattlin’ for all they were worth . . .") and, oh yeah, Timothy McVeigh.

Francey is accompanied on the album by Kieran Kane, Kevin Welch and Fats Kaplin.

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