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Midnight Folklore


The core of this band is vocalist, Tai Awolaju and guitarist, Andrew Moon Bain. With the addition of a horn section and a rhythm section, they formed Boo City in 2009 in Providence, Rhode Island. The songs on Midnight Folklore range from soul on "What's Your Deal" and "Take It Easy On Me" to reggae on "Boo City Radio", "Sugar Skull Lover" and "Long Gone". There is rock on "These Old Ghosts" and "Closer Remix", and acoustic blues on the protest song, "Goin' Down To Wall Street". My favorite track, however, is the soul/hip hop piece "We'll Be Just Fine", with its subdued horns and electronics. Essentially, Boo City is an R&B band, but they throw in rock, soul, reggae, hip hop, and blues to make Midnight Folklore an interesting listen. Rebecca Ruth

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