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Dafnis Prieto Proverb Trio


This is the first release from New York-based, Dafnis Prieto Proverb Trio. Cuban-born, Dafnis Prieto, honed his drumming skills working with such artists as Roy Hargrove, Eddie Palmieri, and Henry Threadgill. He met vocalist, Kokayi, in 1996 while Kokayi was studying with saxophonist Steve Coleman. Over the next few years, Prieto and Kokayi often performed as a duo, but sometimes they pulled in a third musician to round out their performances. The two eventually decided to add a third musician for good, and keyboardist, Jason Lidner joined the group. For the first album, and since the trio had become so familiar with working together, it was decided that spontaneity was key. In fact, everything here was improvised and the entire album was recorded in only six hours. The music itself is melodic and interesting with Kokayi's poetry/lyrics backed by Prieto's extraordinary drumming and Lidner's sometimes punchy (but spot-on) keys rounding it out. Occasionally the trio delves into some noodling, but it never becomes excessive. All in all, I am blown away by the musicianship here, but the stream-of-consciousness vocals don't appeal to me. I would love to hear something from the Prieto Lidner Duo! Rebecca Ruth

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