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Philadelphia Road - The Best of The Bacon Brothers


Philadelphia Road - The Best of The Bacon Brothers is a reissue of 18 songs culled from four of their previous albums ranging from country to soft rock. One tune “Guilty of the Crime” is from a collaboration with The Bellamy Brothers. Michael Bacon, who plays numerous instruments including cello and oboe, studied music theory and composition. Then there’s Kevin, nine years younger, who didn’t have much choice after being yanked into “The Bacon Brothers” years ago, since he was Michael’s only brother. According to Kevin, “there’s nothing more risky about being a well known actor and playing in a rock band.” Other band members include Paul Guzzone, Joe Mennonna, Frank Vilardi and Ira Siegel. Lyrics for the ballad “Unhappy Birthday” were reworked for the 10th anniversary of 9/11 with strains of “No, ain’t gonna see me cry today” about remembrance and staying strong. Kevin’s voice shines when he hits the baritone range. “July Away” is the star of Philadelphia Road--the rock dirge sounds strikingly similar to James Taylor. The chording and vocals on “Rocky Road” also remind one of JT’s “Copperline.” “Grace” has a touch of Ira Siegel’s surf guitar prowess. Michael’s film score experience couldn’t be more evident than on track 14 “Sooner or Later” and the album closer “She is the Heart” where strings and piano rule. There are many moods to this Best Of album, but mostly it is an album of soft rock including standout tracks 4-17-19. – Pam VandeKerkhoff

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