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I Like to Keep Myself in Pain


Long-time backup singer Kelly Hogan steps into the spotlight on this solid set of songs, drawing comparisons to Neko Case (a friend of hers)in terms of vocal style and delivery. She leads off strong with the opener "Dusty Groove" and doesn't let up. An all-star team of writers have given her good material to work with--M. Ward, Vic Chesnutt, John Wesley Harding, Robyn Hitchcock and Andrew Bird to name a few. To top it off, the legendary Booker T. Jones adds atmosphere on his B3 organ. Hogan moves from alt-country to slow burner to pop rock with ease like, well, her friend Neko. Lots to pay attention to here, such as an inventive song on domestic turmoil ("We Can't Have Nice Things"); M. Ward's ode to Frank Sinatra ("Daddy's Little Girl"); a musical pep talk to one's favorite musical artist ("Golden"); Harding's catchy "Sleeper Awake" and a bluesy finale with Booker T. taking over("Pass On By"). At 47, Kelly Hogan was finally given her chance, with great songs, a solid band and fine production--and she's delivered. Michael J. 06/12

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