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From the first greasy notes of "Rockin’ That Boogie" which hits with the punch of a prime time Foghat disc it is clear that Studebaker John Grimaldi can bring the same passion to rock that he has devoted to the blues over the years. Unlike his last release, That’s the Way You Do, which featured traditional South Side Chicago blues, this release ventures towards George Thorogood or ZZ Top territory with its blues background, rock overtones and lyrical bravado. Throughout, Grimaldi’s rocket fueled slide guitar and energetic harmonica work keeps the party in high gear. The title track is a mid-tempo shuffle with plenty of slide guitar and Grimaldi’s promise that he has just what the ladies need to forget why they were blue. "She Got It Right" is a scorcher about the visual benefits of a dress so tight and a fine lady “who don’t make dinner but sure can cook”. "Rockin’ Hot" pays homage to the ladies and way they can make his rocket hot. With fine John Popper style harmonica adding extra spice to the mix, "Fire Down Below" isn’t the Bob Seger hit but, instead, is a cautionary tale about the fate that awaits those who take the wrong path. "Deal With the Devil" walks much the same path but sounds much more ominous with Grimaldi’s guitar leading the way. "I Stand Alone" features intertwined guitar parts that would be impressive if played by two guitarists but is simply awe-inspiring when the liner notes reveal Grimaldi is the only guitarist on the disc. While most of the material is upbeat, "Disease Called Love" and "Dark Night" slow things down a bit providing a respite from the scorching guitar lines that fill up so much of the disc. The other big change up is "Tumblin’ Down the Road" which has a hill-country trance vibe to it. If you like big doses of electric slide guitar with a rock edge, this one’s for you. Smitty

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