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Stuck In The Middle


Nick's Picks: 03 Cadillac; 09 Feelin' Kinda Bluesy; 11 Incidental Lover

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Review by Steven "Nick" Nickelson of Jimmy Burns Band Stuck In The Middle :

Having listened to this cd for a few hours, I have come to the conclusion that this is (IMHO) an opportunity for Jimmy Burns to play some music written by someone else such that he can put his unique spin on these tracks. Some songs sound like the original (“Halo”, “Stuck In The Middle”), some have that sound I'm sure that Jimmy was looking for (“How Close Is Your Love”, “Early Morning Blues”), and some that just don't seem to fit in the way I was expecting (“Get Back”). His original songs on this cd have varied DNA, such as R&B (“Reach For The Sky”), Detroit Blues (“Won't Be Too Long”), Shuffle Blues (the instrumental “Feelin' Kinda Bluesy”). Jimmy includes a couple of top-notch musicians: Mr. Ariyo Ariyoshi on keyboards, and Mr. Dave Herrero on guitar. We get a treat when Ariyo san gets down on his piano, offering up some riffling arpeggios that are light and airy, but big and sassy (“Cadillac”). All in all, this is a listenable cd. Would I buy this? Probably not. Would I go to a concert by the band? Maybe. And that's my two nickels' worth........................Nick

The Musicians:

・ Jimmy Burns – songwriter, vocals, guitar

・ Bryan Tee - drums

・ E.G. McDaniels – bass

・ Ariyo Ariyoshi – keyboards, piano

Special Guest Musicians:

・ Dave Herrero – guitar

The Songs:

1. Halo (M. Powell)

2. Won't Be Too Long (J. Burns, D. Herrera F. Reyes)

3. Cadillac (M. Powell)

4. Hard Love (J.T. Murphy)

5. Reach For The Sky (F. Reyes)

6. Early Morning Blues (R. Hammersma)

7. Stuck In The Middle (J. Egan G. Rafferty)

8. How Close [(Is Your Love)] (R. Hammersma)

9. Feelin' Kinda Bluesy (J. Burns)

10. Get Back (P. McCartney J. Lennon)

11. Incidental Lover (R. Hammersma)

12. Feels Like Rain (J. Hyatt)

13. Cold As Ice (L. Grammatico M.L. Jones)

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