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So Is the Day


NYC jazz trumpet player and vocalist Bria Skonberg was born and raised in British Columbia where she learned the basics--and the move to the Big Apple has honed her art. Most of these cuts feature Bria on the vocals and give her additional time on her trumpet; some say she channels the style and energy of another great trumpeter/vocalist, "Satchmo" himself, Louis Armstrong. The only full instrumentals are "Hip Check," "Gymnopedie" and "Chilliwack Cheer"--although she and the guys actually shout some cheers for Chilliwack in that song (her B.C. hometown). There's a New Orleans feel to many of the songs, in rhythm and in the brass charts. Jazz guitarist John Pizzarelli assists with his instrument and voice on "I Wish I Hadn't Forgotten" and Bria does a jazz vocal-trumpet take on Joni Mitchell's "Big Yellow Taxi." Nice disc with an upbeat, buoyant feel. Michael J. 5/12 J-Contemporary (Vocal & Trumpet)

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