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What Comes After


This, What Comes After, the Honeydogs’ tenth album, according to hype may be their “sweet spot.” Their last release was in 2008. The cast of seven includes lead singer/songwriter Adam Levy, Trent Norton (bass), Brian Halverson (guitar), Peter Anderson (percussion), Peter Sands (keys), Matt Darling and Stephen King (horns). The first track “Particles or Waves” is a rootsy R& B number with crisp guitar, piano, and horns. “Aubben” has a Costello feel--breezy and upbeat. With its catchy piano hook, title track “What Comes After” reminds one that ‘it ain’t about what we know, it’s all about what comes after’ which builds to a nice crescendo with pop vocal harmony and horns tracing the melodic line…this is the best tune on the album. “Blood to Blood” has the band returning to its alt country roots with easy guitar strum and banjo on this bluegrass number. The Honeydogs’ melancholic musings move from Dylanesque to Genesis exploring many sub-genres. Levy has much to say and it’s intriguing to interpret his lyrics. -- Pam VandeKerkhoff / Recommended tracks in order of preference: 5-1-9-2-4

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