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Sunday Morning


Nick's Picks: every one

FCC ALERT: "Family Friendly"

Review by Steven "Nick" Nickelson of Jamie McClean BandSunday Morning :

Most blues bands start out playing the blues because that is what allowed them to express their feelings musically. Or because they were moved by a particular type of blues sound or artist. Those that stick to their blues roots, though, know how tough the life can be, yet how rewarding when you can connect with your audience. Back in 2006, Jamie McClean had to make a decision which path to follow, and he chose a blues path – which most listeners would agree was the right choice. A live performance by Jamie McClean Band and whichever additional artists join onstage is where that connection is made. Although the band has only been around since 2006, Jamie had spent a number of years touring with the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, so he has had time to hone his skills. And hone he has! Every song on this EP is an original, and all are well-written and performed – especially when you throw the savant-like harmonica prowess of John Popper (“Cinderella”), and the keyboard mastery of Nigel Hall. Since there are only seven (7) songs on this EP, I don't see much reason to highlight any as outstanding, because they are all written and performed with an enthusiasm and virtuosity one can expect from this group.......And that's my two nickels' worth........................Nick

The Musicians:

・ Jamie McLean – songwriter, vocals, acoustic guitars,electric guitar

・ Brian Griffin – drums, vocals

・ Ben Mars – bass, vocals

Special Guest Musicians:

・ John Popper (Blues Traveler) – harmonica,

・ Nigel Hall (Govt. Mule) – Hammond B3, piano, vocals

The Songs:

1. I Been Low (J. McClean)

2. Open Up (J. McClean)

3. Cinderella (J. McClean)

4. Crazy About You (J. McClean)

5. Box of Memories (J. McClean)

6. Country Living (J. McClean)

7. Summertime On Main Street (J. McClean)

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