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Song In A Dream


Nick's Picks: any – they are all good

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Review by Steven "Nick" Nickelson of The Travelling Mabels Song In A Dream :

Every time I have had an opportunity to listen to an all-female trio, I find the singing most pleasant – regardless of the music (genre and songwriter), and this cd meets my expectations. A big plus for this group of Canadian singer/songwriters is that with one exception (“Song In A Dream”), the songwriting and production of this collection of songs is all original, and quite listenable. Almost all of these songs fall into that “timeless” category, where they are not aligned with any particular era, which gives these songs immortality. There is not much written about this very talented group of people, but I think that is due to the fact that they do not play to any specific genre – they can play bluegrass (“Maryanne”), old-tyme saloon-type oompah music (“Merry Go Round”, “That's The Deal), Americana country (“Riding Fences”, “Run And Hide”, “How I Hate Goodbyes”), country pop (“It's A Sign”), Island Samba (“Go Away”). All things considered, I think we will be hearing more about and from this talented trio of ladies. I would definitely buy the cd; furthermore love to see them live in concert. A little nugget of information about this group: they represent three very talented generations of women. And that's my two nickels' worth........................Nick

The Musicians:

・ Eva Levesque – songwriter, vocals harmonica

・ Suzanne Levesque – songwriter, vocals, bass

・ Lana Floen – songwriter, vocals

Guest Musicians:

・ Lee Worden – acoustic guitar, mandolin, dobro

・ Craig Young – acoustic guitar, dobro

・ Steve Briggs – acoustic guitar

・ Denis Keldie – accordion

・ Jeff Bradshaw – steel guitar

・ Craig Bignell – drums, percussion, banjo

・ Matthew Atkins – drums

・ Derek Stremel – banjo

・ Cedric Blary – clarinet

・ Dorothy Bishop – cello

・ Morag Northey – cello

・ Denis Dufresne – violin

・ Keith Floen – keyboards

・ Jean Francois Cotnoir – tuba (5),

The Songs:

1. Maryanne (E. Levesque)

2. Go Away (S. Levesque)

3. That's The Deal (E. Levesque, L. Floen, S. Levesque)

4. Song In A Dream (I. Tyson, Slickfork Music)

5. Merry Go Round (E. Levesque, C. Harley)

6. Riding Fences (E. Levesque)

7. Run and Hide (S. Levesque)

8. Time Drags On (L. Floen, K. Floen)

9. It's A Sign (E. Levesque)

10. How I Hate Goodbyes (E. Levesque)

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