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Big Fun(k) Live


This album was recorded live in 2012. The name Big Fun(k) pays homage to Miles Davis’ album Big Fun. The band consists of Don Braden on sax and alto flute, drummer Karl Latham, Nick Rolfe on keyboards and bassist Gary Foote formerly of Blood Sweat and Tears. Songs 1 and 2 have a hurried pace; both begin with Foote thumb-slapping his bass. “Déjà vu” (a loosely translated Beyoncé cover) has been funktified for your listening pleasure. “The Funky View” was written while Braden was Bill Cosby’s composer during 1995-2000. Long play “Heads Up” starts out with a smooth undercurrent of restrained jazz, takes a funk detour in the middle, and returns to its calm demeanor towards the end. “Confusion”—parts of it are in time signature of 13/8 and the improv portion was formed around Jaco Pastorius’ “The Chicken.” “Song for Mother” has a sleepy, soft pace and vibe. Liner notes indicate the bass line in track 10 follows Miles Davis’ Tutu. Dedicated to both Grover Washington Jr. and Davis, this song brings it! It’s an improvisational experiment highlighting Rolfe on his Moog and Korg. The best was saved for last. Each track has its own color and tone—explore the album and find your favorites. – Pam VandeKerkhoff

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