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The Creep


Hot off touring in support of the release, Portrait in 7 Shades, with the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, Ted Nash and his quartet stray into avant-garde territory with the eleventh release, The Creep. Music for The Creep was written by Nash for the Douglas Chang film “Chaography” (still in production as of this writing). Mr. Nash actually acts and performs with his quartet in the film, based loosely on late 50’s Ornette Coleman. Inspired by Coleman’s alto sax work, Nash has abandoned his tenor sax and works strictly the alto here. Tightly supported by trumpeter Ron Horton, the achordal melodies are driven by rhythm section, Paul Sikivie on bass and Ulysses Owens on drums. The jazz on The Creep is often free as is the case with so much of Ornette Colman’s work. This release has Ornette Coleman written all over it, right down to the two odes to the plastic sax (“Plastic Sax Rumble” and “Plastic Sax Lullaby”). Rebecca Ruth

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