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Ray Wylie Hubbard

Delerium Tremelos


Ray Wylie Hubbard stands tall among the best-known characters of Texas outlaw-alt-country. His brush with fame came early in his career when Jerry Jeff Walker covered his song "Up Against The Wall Redneck Mother" in 1973.

Hubbard put together a few bands in the 70's, the best known of which was the Cowboy Twinkies.The 80's saw Hubbard avoiding the studio in favor of live performances. In the last decade, however, his studio work has been steady, releasing 8 albums since 1994.

His latest effort, Delirium Tremolos, includes three original songs and covers of songs by the likes of Eliza Gilkeyson, Roger Tillson, Woody Guthrie, and James McMurtry.

The outlaw side of his persona is still apparent, but the veteran artist (he's nearly 60) also shows his reflective and spiritual nature.

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