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Robot Learn Love


This is Nashville native Kyle Andrews’ fourth album. With a penchant to begin songs with heavy synth keyboard or fat guitar chords, Robot Learn Love comes off sounding a bit like “Skrillex” but all tunes smooth out. This is a well crafted album. Unfortunately the best track (5) contains a word not destined for airplay. Recommended tracks: 6, 7, 1, 4, 8. Track 1 “Make Me Feel Human” features an electronic pop mix with heavy guitar chords juxtaposed against a lighthearted keyboard and heartfelt vocals. [FCC alert track 5] “Lazer Tag with Imaginary Friends” Andrews co-wrote this song with Greg Burgess. It features great keyboard lines with a little surf guitar towards the end. Track 6 “I’m Coming 2 Get U” travels from a simple drum loop and autotune vocals [‘how much can a heart take? I’ll love you until my heart breaks. There’s no use in running away ‘cause I’m coming to get you’] into a multi-dimensional tune with heavy keyboard synth and a short guitar riff that leaves you wanting more. Track 7 “Turn the Radio Up” - Andrews sings with such confidence on this tune with reverb on vocals. Sounds like a WYCE torch song! – Pam VandeKerkhoff

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