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Perfect Season


“Perfect Season” is the second album of Detroit's own The Juliets. Leave to a group of classically trained musicians from DIY Detroit to found an Indie Pop band not with gushing synthesizers but actual string players. The band's authenticity is rooted in real fingers on real strings. Further, the string section is not relegated to texture, they are lead instruments - out front and significant to the unique sound of the band. The music sways from lush to earnest, from somber to joyful, and from punk to baroque. The Juliets are not musical Luddites, but craft their music with all available tools, mining from every vein in the rich bedrock of Detroit's musical history. The result is not always unique, but is well made. 'Loon' and 'Heart to Heart' are lush pop songs just waiting to break out. 'Fashion,' 'It's Simple,' and 'G.W.N.L' are sweet baroque flavored indie pop. 'The Lost Memory,' a waltz, shows off the classical chops of these players. 'Why Should I' rocks out as an anthem with strings. 'Ad-Lib' is spooky and somber. 'You Found Me Out' shows off the rhythm section that is strong throughout but especially shines here. Reviewed by Todd Townsend.

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