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I'll Take Love from the pen of Louisa Branscomb


Nick's Picks: 02 I'll Take Love; 05 Your Amazing Grace; 09 Extra Blue; 12 That's What Texas Was For

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Review by Steven "Nick" Nickelson of Louisa Branscomb I'll Take Love from the pen of Louisa Branscomb :

I am a sucker for well-played bluegrass music, and more the better if it is well written (“I'm Gonna Love You”, “Stormy Night”). I didn't recognize the lyrics, but the tunes seem as old as the mountains from which these songs drew inspiration. The arrangements and musical writing are poignantly matched with country bluegrass lyrics - some of which (IMHO) will earn her more accolades from the country and bluegrass world. Every song is an award winner waiting to recognized. The lap steel sets such a forlorn tone that this reviewer had to wipe a few dust specks from my eyes (“I'll Take Love”, “Closin' Nashville Down”, “Extra Blue”, “Silence Broke Beyond Repair"). Although this release is chock full of well-known bluegrass performers, I especially loved so many of the harmonies – particularly The Whites (“This Side of Heaven”, “That's What Texas Was For”). This is a fantastic collaboration of bluegrass and country artists performing at their best, and I recommend getting your hands on this release. Even more, I would just love to see a concert with all this talent performing these beautifully written tunes. Oh, what a night that would be! And that's my two nickels' worth........................Nick

The Musicians:

・ Louisa Branscomb – songwriter

・ Ethan Ballinger – guitar

・ Allison Brown – banjo

・ Mike Witcher – lapsteel, national resonator

・ Alan Bibey – mandolin

・ Jim Hurst – guitar, backup vocals (1, 5,9,10,11)

・ Missy Rains – producer, bass

・ Claire Lynch – lead vocals (1,5) backup vocals (5,7)

・ Stuart Duncan – fiddle

・ Alison Krauss – backup vocals (2)

・ Steve Gulley – lead vocals (3,7,11), backup vocals (2,13)

・ Buck, Cheryl, Sharon White – lead , backup vocals (8,12)

・ Dale Ann Bradley – lead vocals (2,7,11,13), backup vocals (3,13)

The Songs:

1. I/m Gonna Love You

2. I'll Take Love

3. Closin' Nashville Down

4. Wearin' The Blues

5. Your Amazing Grace

6. State Line

7. Surrender

8. This Side of Heaven

9. Extra Blue

10. Stormy Night

11. Silence Broke Beyond Repair

12. That's What Texas Was For

13. It's Just Lovin'

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