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FCC ALERT: "as pure as the Sea Island cotton of his native South Carolina

Review by Steven "Nick" Nickelson of Zach Deputy Another Day :

At first listen, I couldn't seem to pin down the genre of this particular singer/songwriter. Since I hadn't been to any of this true road warrior's concerts (250 plus concerts/year), I did not know much about him. I can, however, note some recent influences on his music. “Sleep”, for instance has a distinctive Gavin DeGraw sound (as does “Sweet Rene”), and there is more than a couple of island-based influences on this cd, as well (“Into The Morning” is the best example). It is mentioned in his bio that he was influenced by such R&B artists as James Brown (“Make It Right”) and Ray Charles; however, I can detect a “softer side” of R&B (and Pop). Some examples: Marvin Gaye (“By Your Side”, “Thoughts of Yesterday”), Michael Jackson (“Remember”) . Defi nitely, this release does share some original songs – at least I cannot detect an influence (“You Don't Even Love That Girl”, “Happy Graduation”, “Tagalong”, as well as the title cut), and even those don't seem to attach to any general genre – and when it comes to musical flexibility, that's a good thing.. And that's my two nickels' worth...........................................Nick


Recorded over 5 days in August 2010 at Mission Sound Recording in Brooklyn, NY, Another Day is the truest example of pure musicianship. As heard in this recording, Grammy winning producer Scott Jacoby and his team of musicians demonstrate that large budget recordings and “over-production” are simply not necessary. In contrast to the music and feel of Another Day, Zach Deputy has made his mark thus far as a touring powerhouse. As a boy, the music of his Puerto Rican, Cruzan and Irish heritage was cooked up in the South Carolina heat. The Calypso rhythms and folk songs of St. Croix competed with the R&B / soul of pioneers like James Brown and Ray Charles for space on the family stereo. As Deputy honed his craft, a unique hybrid of these influences emerged, ultimately creating the signature Zach Deputy sound. To bring this sound to the stage, the big, impossibly upbeat South Carolinian with the infectious smile puts on a solo show– enhanced by looping technology– that is essentially a one man dance party offering up what he calls “Island-infused, Drum ‘n’ Bass, Gospel-Ninja-Soul” to the enthusiastic crowds of dancers who flock to clubs from coast-to-coast. It is these late night dance parties— more than 250 per year– that have made Zach Deputy one of the hottest up-and-coming performers on the camping festival circuit and “jam band” scene. For Zach, most days begin in a hotel room and end a couple of hours after walking off stage. The constant touring and the compelling live show may be the key to Zach’s success on the road, but it is an unlikely inspiration for Another Day, as there is little similarity between what fans have come to expect from Zach and what is offered up in this new record. Thus, Another Day is an appropriately titled album, and it is truly an album in the classic sense— a collection of songs that come from the same time and place, inspired by the same muse. Reflective and introspective, it provides a glimpse at the soul of an artist and the depth of a songwriter. Full of hope and anticipation of the promise of another day, a new day, it is a pivotal point in the career of a touring musician. Whereas it is a departure for Zach Deputy, it is one that he feels confident his fans can relate to, but it isn’t the end in itself. Deputy’s multi-faceted diamond gets one side polished in this offering, and it is a side that will shine brightly for a new audience.

The Musicians:

・ Zach Deputy – songwriter, vocals, acoustic guitar

・ Graham Hawthorne (Aretha Franklin, Paul Simon, David Byrne) - Drums

・ Al Carty (Lou Reed, Alicia Keys, Gavin DeGraw) – bass guitar

・ Will Buthod (Jay-Z, Swizz Beatz, The Harlem Gospel Choir) keyboards

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