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Mylo Xyloto


Mylo Xyloto is the Coldplay’s fifth studio LP and presents as a palette of ballads, hip-hop, electronica with Asian influence, and even some Celtic beats–much like the multi-hued graffiti album art. Mylo Xyloto was produced by Markus Dravs, Daniel Green and Rik Simpson, with Brian Eno providing "enoxification" according to liner notes. There is much talk about the sequencing of the album and many lyrics are intertwined. Each track is great but standouts are: “Paradise,” “Charlie Brown,” and “Princess of China.” “Paradise” features multi-layered keyboards, synthesized strings, and a bass-heavy club beat. There has to be one tune everybody at the concert sings at the top of their lungs (“Vida la Vida,” “Clocks”) and “Paradise” is this album’s torch song. “Charlie Brown” – is it any wonder this is in Billboard’s top 100 in Japan? Martin’s distorted voice piques your ears. “Us Against the World” is a quiet ballad featuring Martin and his guitar. Pop treatment courtesy of Rihanna and layered tracks with an Asian (and Eno) influence makes this “Princess of China” hip-hop song soar but it has no semblance of Coldplay’s soul. “Up in Flames” evokes a feeling of vintage Coldplay…piano and Chris’ falsetto voice. Staying power describes Coldplay. Mylo Xyloto is sure to excite their fan base and might help Rihanna lovers broaden their tastes. A wonderful listen. - Pam VandeKerkhoff

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