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Wynton Marsalis has been one of the best yet most prolific bandleaders and jazz musicians for the past 30 years. Between early 1999 and the end of 2000 Wynton recorded some of his finest works on nine separate recordings for Sony Music. This CD represents 14 of the best tracks from the 11 CD box set titles "Swinging Into The 21'st". The music varies from straight forward jazz to his experimentation between jazz and classical that can be found on many of the tracks found in the middle of this disc. Wynton even employs a full choir on "A Hundred and A Hundred And Twelve". Wynton shares his love for the crescent city New Orleans on tracks like "King Porter Stomp" and "The Pearls'. The musicians on this disc are as varied as the music itself and the sound quality of this recording is pristine. If you missed swinging into the 21'st century this will be a great way to relive some of it's magic. Reviewed By: Gregg Saur

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