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Something Deeper Than These Changes


This is a wonderfully unique disc from a guy called "Stew"(from The Negro Problem) and his friend Heidi.  Stew spent time in the Avant-garde scene in Berlin, as a performance artist.  The influence is evident in that the poetry of his lyrics are in the spotlight of this album.  The songs aren't your typical verse, chorus, verse routine.  They are slower, folksy (almost cabaret style) melodies that are very simple without missing anything.  All of the singing, production and most of the music is done by Stew and Heidi.  Something Deeper Than These Changes, holds great melodies with lyrics that will really draw you in.  Heidi's harmonies are gently added at just the right moments, providing a nice contrast to Stew's lightly gravelled voice.  Even when the melodies take on a pop-feel, things stay fairly low key.  Mainly, the "hooks" in Stew's lyrics will stay with you long after his rich voice has left the room.

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