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The Not So Meaningful Songs in the Life of Jeremy Fink


This is the soundtrack to the film, “Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life”. Austin native, Booka Michel, formed the Flaming Geckos a few years back to score another film, “Baghdad, Texas”. The “Jeremy Fink” producer heard that score and invited them to score his film as well. This is an instrumental album that is mostly in the Americana genre, although it touches on other sub-genres as well. Some songs you could call Western-noir (“Western Amulet”, one of the best songs here), some are bluegrass (“Rubber Chicken Rag”), some are sad (“Long Road Home”, “Tuskavat”) and others are upbeat and even mildly rocking (“Stoney Point”, “Victorious”). Since the soundtrack was finished before the film, and in order for it to be used, it seems Booka and The Flaming Geckos tried to express the various perspectives of the human experience throughout. Even so, the album is cohesive and it works well on its own. Rebecca Ruth

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