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Raise a glass and toast the Bottoms Up Blues Gang's new release Handle It. This CD mixes St. Louis blues along with the sounds of the Crescent city to make for an acoustic stew of blues, folk and jazz. Lead Vocalists Keri Litson has a very distinct voice that at times shows shades of Michelle Shocked especially on the politically tinged track "New World Blues" and the duet "Lover Foe" with guitarist and band partner Jeremy-Segel Moss who makes up the nucleus of the BUBG.The track "If Only" is one of the slowest and most heartfelt tracks that features Kari's soft vocals Jeremy's acoustic guitar and harmonica from Adam Andrews , asking the long term relationship question If Only? The CD picks up steam again with the track "Show Your Love" That features a swinging piano from Matt Murdick and trumpet and fugal horn from Dawn Webber. "Quick Fix For Livin" is a straight ahead blues track that features an incredible down and dirty pairing of Jeremy's guitar matched again with some smoking harmonica from Adam Andrews. This CD concludes with its only cover track "Drown In My Own Tears" the classic Ray Charles track that includes guitars from the late St. Louis blues man Bennie Smith. This CD was recorded in both St. Louis and New Orleans, but should be enjoyed by lovers of great blues & jazz music anywhere. Reviewed By: Gregg Saur

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