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Film Noir


On "Film Noir," a concept EP, David Olney evokes a gritty, Big-City-After-Dark disquiet. Equal parts lonely bluesman and method actor - Johhny Cash and Leon Redbone and Tom Waits - Olney creates songs like little movies based on grimy, dog eared paperbacks. These brand new songs all sound as if they were found, covered in dust, in a back alley Used Record Store. "Frank is Gone" is a jangly blues shuffle like an anxious junky walking the streets. If Cab Calloway had lost it all and traded his white tux for a torn felt hat and barn coat, he would sing "Blue Moon Hotel." "$20 Serenade," nearly an homage to Tom Waits street characters, is an ancient sounding gimp walk tragedy with a B-movie twist. "Blues Don't Care" and "Sunset on Sunset Boulevard" are both hollow, lonely songs to steal your joy. Reviewed By: Todd Townsend.

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