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Indigo Dreams


Kurt Neumann and Sam Llanas formed the BoDeans in Waukesha, Wisconsin in 1983. Ever since, the way they harmonize over jangling guitars has been a source of joy for many fans of roots-rock music. They've never hit the big time, although after "Closer to Free" (from their CD "Go Slow Down") was chosen as the theme song for the TV show "Party of Five," thousands more learned of their music. "Indigo Dreams" is their 10th release and defies the odds and the years by giving us pretty much the same blend as their very first disc in 1983. Old dudes now, some of the themes are different now, but that harmony--yeah, it is 1983 again. In fact, on one of the songs ("Sad Eyes") the boys name drop a bunch of songs from the Top 40 era in a seamless narrative. In my opinion, this set starts running out of gas near the end of the record, but there are many highlights such as "Blowin' My Mind," "How Can We" and "Wrap Me." Word is that after all of these years, Sam has left the band. If true, there may be more BoDeans records ahead but without the singular way the voices of these two Wisconsin guys soared together. 09/11 Michael J. R-Contemporary

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