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Nick's Picks: 03 Easy; 06 Crappy; 10 Sha La La

FCC ALERT: "Squeaky Clean"

Review by Steven "Nick" Nickelson of The FuzzritesBabycakes

After listening to this cd for several hours, I can only make some comparisons to 50's and 60's music (with the occasional Go Go's and Ramones thrown in for good measure). My recollection of that era is a little fuzzy (pun intended), but this is the type of music I listened to when I was in my formative years. (That probably explains a lot). This cd represents the very definition of garage punk - raw, stripped down, unadulterated (well, excluding the fuzz, anyway) hard-core rock. The acoustics sound like it was actually recorded in a garage. And a plus - this is a local band. That's my two nickels' worth...............................Nick

ARTIST BIO: If you learned all about love at the movies, you're in for a rough ride. THE FUZZRITES explore love mostly in a state of chaos with an occasional glimmer of hope sneaking into the mix. Dick Chiclet's guitars fire torpedoes straight into the heart of love, exploding right in its face with fuzzed out, sonic barbs that hit the mark every time. The songs themselves wander the path between edgy pop rock arrangements and balls out garage rock. Dick's vocals have a sweet timbre but beware the teeth. Matt Mason, sharing vocals, injects urgency into the songs, clinging to and at the same time rejecting love or perhaps suspecting love of ulterior motives. THE FUZZRITES found love and chopped it to pieces. Here, take a bite. Oh yeah, play LOUD! – Bruce Madden, Entertainment Czar

The Fuzzrites

・ Dick Chiclet – guitars, bass, clavioline, and vox

・ Matt Mason – bass and vox

・ Jonny Jacobs – drums, farfisa, wurlitzer, and vox

・ Claude Nine – bass (tracks 6, 9)

・ The Veloras – shout vocals on Go

The Songs:

Little Rocker

Not Around

Easy (Likn Wray)


It's All Over


Treat Your Love


I Do Adieu

Sha La La

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