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I normally think of Confetti as something that is used at celebrations and this release is certainly worth that. Produced by Lloyd Maines (Dixie Chicks, Flatlanders and Terri Hendrix) this CD has a feel good loose feel from the sound of the opening flamenco guitar sound on "Black Badly Stallion". The title track is a little bit of fluff but was confetti ever meant to be a heavy subject?. "The Road Goes On and On" has a little catch from his all time classic "The Road Goes On Forever" but nobody is sent to the electric chair at the end. The track "Waves Of The Ocean" has a slow reggae back beat and reminded me of a summer time Jimmy Buffet or Jerry Jeff Walker Sound. "Play A Train Song" is a great cover of the Todd Snider track and is done very similar to the original. "Paint The Town Beige" is classic Robert Earl Keen with his wry wit and Alt-Country sound. Robert ends this disc with the gospel sounds of "Soul Of A Man" where he proclaims that a soul never dies. We can only hope this is true and we will be blessed by many more great discs from this great storyteller. Reviewed By: Gregg Saur

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